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Sickness and Eric.

Okay... so the school system really does suck when it comes to internet!  They have blocked looking at livejournal pages, yet i can still update it.
Okay So I went to the doctor this morning..
And Evidnetly Im really bad, because He gave me a few anti-biotics. which isnt a problem to me. But I cant swollow pills, so he gave me all liquids. Yayness. But they are going to taste BAAAD! But He looked in my ear because mom told him my ear hurt... people you have NO Idea how bad it hurt last night, I was screaming and crying. I even had a heating pad on it.  But he looked at my ear and he said "oh, Thats BAD, Im not surprised you've had lots of pain!" People... 17 year olds usually dont get ear infections!!! Ear infections are usually found in kids. like the last time I had one, was when I was 1... and had tubes in my ears. 
And my Sinus infection is so bad, that my teeth hurt, and I cant eat. Also my cheeck is twice its size, and sinus cavities are all in pain. when I change environments, i feel pressure in my face. that is not good. Also when I cough, it feels like all the blood in my body goes to my face. 
Okay so enough about talking about my sickness.
My parents arent paying for my Santa Switch ticket, which is really stupid. Because I was going to pay for pictures, but whatever. Im just gald Im going with Eric. Im going to ask him out during santa swtich. okay... so maybe before santa switch. Depends when we get to hang out. Which is like.... Never. 
But okay. My sister in law and brother stopped going to my old church. I dont know where they are going, but they were feeling the same way I am at my church right now. That is why Me and Beth started going to a new church on sunday nights. And its really fun. And I really like the people there. They are really cool and funny.  
I think I've babbled enough, and my Bell is about to ring. 

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