jen_bonnell (jen_bonnell) wrote,

I've Lived So Far!!

The most people that have been in my classes so far is 7...
Mrs. Weber decided that its a free day for us that came...
And that...
we get free deserts at lunch! w00t! 
lots of free cookies and deserts! 
Im going to go in there...
Get that stuff..
then go to LHW/babyroom!
I love it in there!
They have already spoiled me again today!! 
Its Tina's birthday! 
Its Andrew's birthday!  
I had so much fun with Beth last night! 
And Andrew! 
It was loads of fun,...
We went to see Eric... and I was a chicken again... I promised I wouldnt chicken out.... but i did... I didnt hug him! but Im going to! I want him to hang out with us again on saturday! at TTT because its going to be a lot more fun! and Im going to hug him!! Jacob is helping me get pumped up and ready to!! I love my cousin for that! I barely know him, but he's really cool. And Just like me and Kelson!! Which is kind of bad.. But it works. 
Im going to go though!
When we went to see Eric... I couldnt stop smiling... I was so nervous..And scared!!!! Omgosh! Im so in Like!!!!

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