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SO! While I babysat last night....
I called Kelson, then Eric, then Eric again, Then Kelson again.
Not to mention I was on the computer the whole time.
Fun times, Fun times.
But I got 25 bucks babysittin 5 hours.
Yay me!! 
But when I talked to Eric...
I was all smiles... No joke Like I totally couldnt quit smiling... any of you tell him that... i might have to hug you! haha.  I really want to hug Eric... REALLY badly! I hope he can go to TTT on saturday.. Because I really wanna hug him soon. because Im beating myself up about it... Im just as bad as Kelson... which is horrible.

But When I talked to Kelson.... for the like... 3 1/2 hours we talked. We talked about tons of stuff.. no joke, it was so fun! I almost peed my pants a few times! because we now know that we can be totally open with each other and not be afraid to say "bad" stuff to each other. Because we made so many comments last night to each other... to the point where other people would pass out if they heard us say them.. not to mention i was saying stuff in front of the kids that i shouldnt have said.. And he was telling his brothers that i kept saying that they where hott... lol haha they are going to kill me in my face! 

On that note... I have to beat Kelson up at Andrews party.. I just have to.. We dont reember why..we just know that Im supposed to. I revealed the fact that Im like totally and completely in like with Eric... Most of you have no idea. Beth does.. and Kelson does...But omgosh! hes just so.... CUTE! and ADORABLE! and ... soon to be mine!  He will be mine in a matter of months... haha I say months because He is still terrified of me. I dont care though! As long as I still like him.. lol 

So I might take Kelsons advice "You like him, you think he likes you, kiss 'im!" lol No... Not really. But I am going to hug him. like... Im just going to go up to him.. and hug him! AH! lol Im crazy about him.

Haha. So I really need to get to work.. But I cant ! LHW Gave me tons of sugar last period. and im totally loaded with hyperness!!!! I had like... 2 cupcakes(chocolate) 3 cookies, and lots of hersheys kisses and dove chocolates. yayness! haha They are spoiling me!!! 

I realize this is long... I just had to reveal my undying love for Kelson`! haha and how much I like Eric... and I want him to be mine... 
God Bless

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