jen_bonnell (jen_bonnell) wrote,


Yay. sblood is staying the night tonight! That makes me so happy.
But shes staying the night so that we can work on our poverty awareness powerpoint.
and so that we can do egg crackin together.
I almost cried last night when shannon called and said that I was going with them because sblood's van was full...
So I asked if Beth could come with us. Because our group is taking the bus.
So now sblood is going with us. hip hip hoorah! 
We might get out DDR.
We havent done that forever.
And I need to start working out again.
I might end up setting that up, upstairs. 
So I can work out a lot.
And since in the winter we dont use upstairs.
we might this year.
Because its all clean around it.
I dont know.
Lotty's brithday party is tomorrow...
and we dont have the money to go...
so now I have to call her and tell her happy 2nd birthday. I feel so freaking horrible for missing my niece's birthday party!!!! but we are buying her a tricycle. 
o'well... Im going to go now.

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