jen_bonnell (jen_bonnell) wrote,


So theres this guy named Eric....
I think I like him.
I know I think he is cute.
But Im supposed to hang out with him tomorrow.
With Beth...
I think he's totally cool.
I enjoy talking to him.
He goes to Rietz...
And the only problem is....
Hes a sophmore...
Why do i always like younger guys?
I dont know if we'll end up dating.. 
but I do want to ask him to our Santa Switch.
I would love to go with him.
I think he's totally adorable.
But I always go for a certain kind of guy...
Yeah sblood... you know what Im talking about!! 
Pray about it...
I really dont want to seriously date anyone right now.
I hate having to break up with people.
But I cant get close right now...
Unless I know that God is really telling me something about them.
I would really like to get to know Eric right now.
not as a boyfriend.
But as a casual 'talking' type dating.
I just want to 'talk' to him..
Until I can find out what I want to do.
God Bless

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